What We Do

Floria conducts applied research and offers consulting service in timberland investment, wood markets, woody bioenergy, corporate valuation, and statistical data analysis. Our primary clients include Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and investors.


Dr. Richard Bin Mei has consulting and research experience in the forest and finance industries since 2009. He leads Floria’s research and business development. Dr. Mei has published over 50 articles on topics related to timberland investment, timber price forecasting, and woody bioenergy. He Hargreaves Professor at the Harley Langdale Jr. Center for Forest Business, University of Georgia. Outside the university, he serves as an academic advisor of the investment strategy group of BTG Pactual. He earned M.S. in natural resource economics at Mississippi State University, and Ph.D. in Forest Finance and Economics at the University of Georgia.


All Dr. Mei's publications are available at his ResearchGate page

Dr. Mingshu Zhang, CPA, leads Floria’s accounting and statistical analysis programs. She manages client consulting projects and delivers presentations related to investment banking, accounting, and taxation. She earned M.A. in Accountancy and M.S. in Statistics at the University of Georgia, and Ph.D. in Horticulture at Mississippi State University. She is a current PhD student in Statistics at the University of Georgia. Dr. Zhang has years of experience in public accounting and data analysis.

Practice Areas
  • Forest products industry

  • Investment banking

  • Statistical modeling

  • Data analysis

Sample Projects
  • Timberland investment

    • Hurdle rate

    • Optimal harvest decision

    • Return drivers

    • Index construction and evaluation

    • Investment strategy

    • Depletion and timber accounting

    • Timber price forecast

    • TIMOs vs. REITs

    • Wood pellets for energy

    • Conservation easements

  • Investment banking

    • Valuation

      • Discounted cash flow​

      • Comparable company analysis

      • Precedent transaction analysis

      • Leveraged buyout

    • Incentive advisory fee design

    • Corporate tax

    • Lease financing

    • Portfolio optimization

    • Financial modeling